Your goal is to save time and work efficiently. LinkPizza provides you the opportunity to select publishers, pay the best price and easily manage your campaigns.

Self select publishers

Evaluate quality

Evaluate website’s quality based on domain authority, views and clicks. This way you will always select publishers who meet your expectations.

Save time

Select publishers straight away or receive several pitches. This way you keep the time spend on selection to a minimum. Save time and money!

Right price

Stick to your budget

You only pay for actual publication and decide the price you are willing to pay thanks to our bidding system. No matter if you choose to set up a campaign or find publishers in our marketplace, initial cost stay low.

Fixed and/or variable compensation

Pay a fixed and/or variable compensation through an affiliate program. This saves money, and leaves room for additional services. You may also offer a barter deal in which you offer a free product in return for an article.

Low fees

Save budget on your agency fees thanks to the self-service setup of LinkPizza. Low fees leave you with a larger budget for your campaigns.

No administration

We take care of administration and invoicing, which leaves you with taking care of the content’s quality.

Easy management

One dasboard

By communicating through LinkPizza’s dashboard, both advertiser and publisher are guaranteed a transparent and safe experience. In one clear dashboard you can manage all of your campaigns, preview articles and chat about the details. This saves time browsing through several systems and platforms.

Monitor results

Performance metrics are automatically measured by our automated links. Receive insights and track sales, views, clicks and determine your audience’s demographics