To generate more traffic and boost your branding you can start a public campaign. Starting a public campaign is easy and because publishers pitch to your campaign, you save a lot of time. They make an offer for writing and publishing your content on their website and you accept their bid, or make a counteroffer.


Campaign types

The types of campaigns that are offered by our publishers are displayed on our campaign types page and vary from blogs to sponsored stories.


The various campaign types offer the option to add a deadline or leave the closing date blank. A deadline could be useful when you are promoting a temporary offer. By choosing not to set a deadline, you give publishers the opportunity to pitch on your campaign over an extended period of time, which results in multiple articles. Read how to start and what to expect.

Compensation options

Below you’ll find the types of compensation you can offer publishers. Choosing a specific earnings model may have an impact on the availability of publishers.

  • Fixed - set compensation per publishing
  • Variable - variable compensation through an affiliate or performance network
  • Barter - compensation in the form of a free product
  • Combination - of above mentioned options

LinkPizza receives compensation for handling invoicing and administration.


  • Create a public or private campaign
  • Invite publishers to pitch or publishers pitch by themselves
  • Agree on the price
  • Sit back and relax
  • Check the preview before publishing
  • We take care of invoicing and administration
  • Publish and receive data

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