How to start

Chose campaign type

Are you an advertiser or do you work for a media agency and are you looking for publishers to tell your story on their media channels? Kick off your campaign on LinkPizza.

Your brand can be advertised on LinkPizza in a public or private manner:

Public campaigns

Public campaigns on LinkPizza are visible to all publishers and give them the opportunity to view and pitch to your campaign.

Private campaigns

Private campagnes on LinkPizza are not visible to all publishers. You select specific publishers and makes them an offer to produce your content. In turn, these publishers can counterbid your offer.

What to expect

As advertiser or media agency you start creating branded content with setting up campaign. On our campaign page you insert your campaign’s title and add the briefing that publishers will review.

  • Choose your product or service’s categories and clearly describe what you expect from the content.
  • Indicate the publishing date and deadline for pitches.
  • Are you going to publish a public campaign? Then we will display it in our public campaign overview. All connected publishers may then pitch to your campaign. If you prefer to keep the campaign private, then you can simply request publishers to pitch.

It is important to clearly communicate with potential publishers to get tailored pitches. Do you have specific topics you want your content to cover? Clearly mention your needs. This can be a description of the product or brand, the link, link title, conditions and media URLs. It is always good to deliver images yourself, to prevent copyright issues.