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Sign up as an advertiser, select the websites you want to work with and create your campaign. Afterwards you’ll be able to manage everything in our convenient dashboard.

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Extensive portfolio

Pick influencers and publishers from almost 400 categories, ranging from large publishers to niche bloggers.

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In our marketplace it’s possible to place a bid per website or counter a publishers bid. This allows you to run a great campaign for any budget.


Clear communication

By using LinkPizza both advertisers as publishers are guaranteed a transparent and safe experience. Review articles before publishing, guide writing in between preview and chat about the details.


Receive performance reports

Performance metrics are automatically measured for our influencers. After your advertorial is published you’ll be able to track views, clicks and the audience type that is reading your ad.

Save budget

Low fees

Save budget on your agency fees. Because of the self-service setup of LinkPizza we’re able to charge less than full-service agencies. Leaving every Euro saved to used for extra campaigns.

LinkPizza helps me and my editors save time and earn money at the same time, I love it!

Angelique Vlieg from