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Bettersafe - the excess protection specialists. Bettersafe currently focuses on three specific products, car hire excess insurance, home excess insurance, and private motor excess insurance. Our products will give you the peace of mind that should you make a successful claim on a private motor, home insurance or on a car hire insurance policy, we will foot the bill for your excess. Car Hire Excess Insurance Bettersafe’s car hire excess insurance product is extremely cost effective and simple to buy online. Cover is comprehensive, including loss or damage to the roof, undercarriage, windows and tyres of a hire car. Private Car Excess Insurance Bettersafe’s private motor excess insurance policy covers the excess on any successful private motor insurance claim. The policy is also unique in that when a car is being repaired, the amount is paid directly to the garage – saving the customer having to find the amount themselves then claim it back. Home Excess Insurance Bettersafe’s home excess insurance policy covers the excess on any successful home insurance claim. You can select the level of excess protection you require, making this cover very affordable. By also opting to pay a higher voluntary excess on your main home insurance policy, you typically pay less for your main home insurance cover.

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