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For years, the search for a room in the Netherlands is very heard. Many room sites maintain high membership rates and are not transparent in their actions. Here, at Findroommate, your visitors can rent a room, studio or apartment and / or rent without risks, safely via their Facebook account. Students find Findroommate a very reliable site by linking to Facebook. Meanwhile, the growing platform is one of the largest chamber/room website in the Netherlands. Findroommate has divided a room supply in the largest cities in the Netherlands. Every town has its own page on Facebook, where more than 35,000 daily room seekers see numureus new homes. Behind every ad is a face that is easy to find on Facebook. This way Findroommate keep scammers outside the door, so the process is safe without any fraud. Findroommate is cheap and that makes an enormous difference when creating a profile. Additionally, you know who rents the room, which makes negotiation safe. Because the prices are low, the conversion ratio is also very high.

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