Kleisteen.nl Affiliate program

Kleisteen online accounting is one of the longest existing online accounting packages in the Netherlands (since 2003). This brings confidence to new customers. The accounting package offers unparalleled functionalities for a low price. In addition, our prices are clear and there are no hidden costs like many competitors (advertised with low prices but ultimately one is expensive and it is a puzzle to calculate monthly costs). At Kleisteen you will quickly see the website for what amount. This makes Kleisteen attractive for all ZZPs and SME companies. Interested parties can sign up for a free trial without getting stuck, making the application low-threshold. We reimburse publishers based on these trial entries.

Available in

  • daisycon.com

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Advantages of LinkPizza

After signing up for LinkPizza you won‘t have to sign up for any other network anymore. No more applying for programs or copying tracking links. Simply install our plugin once and you‘re done. Still not convinced? Check our available programs below.