Klikzeker Affiliate program

At Klikzeker.nl customers can easily arrange a product insurance for smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, bicycles and eyeglasses. Whether it comes to damage, moisture damage, operator errors, or loss by theft - the assurance of protection goes even beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Applying for insurance is settled entirely online. The customer only needs to fill in his email address as well as the product's serial number. Klikzeker.nl handles the whole process of closing the insurance to the potential end damage done entirely electronically. This leads to a huge price advantage for the customer over traditional insurance models and for you as a publisher to appealing commissions. Advantages for publishers: - Commission per sale (depending on the product sold) - Personalized promotional products on request (free for you as a publisher) - Benefits and incentives for publishers - Rapid confirmation of sales made - Regular new advertisements Contact the advertiser: email: affiliate@klikzeker.nl Please note! This advertiser uses a method of measurement that is different from the standard recommended by the PAN in the Code of Conduct for the conversion attribution and deduping of transactions. The network therefore cannot control the measurement and correct allocation of transactions. The technique for the measurement of this advertiser is provided by the advertiser itself. The method used by this advertiser is known as LCC without Catch all

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  • LinkPizza
  • daisycon.com
  • affili.net/nl
  • affiliatewindow.com

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After signing up for LinkPizza you won‘t have to sign up for any other network anymore. No more applying for programs or copying tracking links. Simply install our plugin once and you‘re done. Still not convinced? Check our available programs below.