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Lex Woont is the repair service for your home. Lex repairs all work (eg drainage and sewage, heating system, electrical installations and electra, glass repair, pipes, windows and doors, sanitary ware, etc) for a fixed amount per month. You do not pay any prepay fees, no hourly wages and no material costs. Security, warranty and quality for a fixed price. Lex makes service very simple! Lex manages the repairs for tens of thousands of households in the Netherlands - for a fixed price. That's why Lex knows exactly what a repair will cost. Lex selects professionals from all maintenance disciplines. If you call Lex, he will take care of the rest. Lex knows that delaying repairs only causes additional problems. Who should you call? What will it cost? Are you comparing quotes? Do you have a guarantee? And what about insurance? Especially for you Lex is available 24 hours a day. With a subscription, you know at least you get a guarantee and everything works again.

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