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About Lowlens Do you need good contact lenses and lens cleaningfluid? Proberly you pay too much for them now. Exactly the same products but pay less that’s what you can find on the Lowlens store. All contact lenses, cleaning fluids and accessories from A-brands for lower prices than your optician. The shop makes it easy to search for your products and helps you find the right product for you. You can search for your brand, type of lenses and more. If you’re looking for day, week or month lenses Lowlens has it. When you are looking for colour lenses Lowlens is the right place. Turn your eyes blue, green or yellow Lowlens offers you a rich variety. Ideal for carnival or a party to the Fun lenses, which you gives you the eyes of a cat, wolf or a devil. Lens Accessories you will find in the shop. Consider the standard lens holder, but also other useful products. What do you think of the Lens Alert, which warns you when it is time to replace your lenses or cleaning liquid? Don’t you see your lenses product in the webshop? Send an email, the people behind the site you would like help with your search for the right lens, liquid or accessory. For more information on the website of Lowlens.nl

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