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Mobility Service Finance affiliate program Financial lease completely digital, without third-party involvement and quick and easy to use. Banks and other financial organizations are more and more hesitant concerning handing out car-loans for small business owners. This is a real problem for businesses who need to be on the road. Mobility Service Finance helps the small business owner by accepting lease applications for cars and simplifying this application process, so businesses can focus on making revenue. Being an entrepreneur is hard in this current economic climate. We seek out to help businesses, by simplifying the financial lease proces, from a tedious 2-week mail correspondence, to a sleek, completely digital application proces. Moreover, Mobility Service Finance has everything in-house. This means the whole application, including the interest-rate and the lease price, is transparent and completely without interference of a third party. Forget printing, faxing and calling to get a decent financial lease contract. In theory, everything can be finished within 5 minutes and on your phone or tablet. Leasing a car has never been this easy. Benefits of including Mobility Service Finance in the affiliate program: -Completely digital and online lease application process. The first in Europe. In theory, the contract can be signed within 5 minutes. -A contract from Mobility Service Finance is fiscally beneficial to your company. For example you don’t have to pay the complete tax bill before the contract. -Very competitive interest rates, pricing and a large amount of cars in stock.

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