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MyCOOKS, the first and only "Foodie webshop" in the Netherlands and Belgium where you can order delicious snacks and dishes delivered at home. Everywhere. MyCOOKS is compared to Cool Blue, but then with Ready-to-Serve food. Product group No. 1 "Food" The chefs of MyCOOKS cook at restaurant level. All dishes are prepared by MyCOOKS fresh and crafted, packed under protected atmosphere and cooled at home. Throughout the Benelux. MyCOOKS makes it easy for the customer without delivering on quality and taste. Product group No. 2 "Gift Cards" During the year, MyCOOKS puts in the range of gift cards, an assortment of 12 gift cards for a very wide audience. For example, a High Tea gift card for Mama, a BBQ gift card for Dad or a Bubble Cup gift card for that fun business relationship. What's in it for the publisher? • Speaks a huge audience. M / F 22-67 years • New, innovative and trendy. The future of food online • High CPS% • High conversion ratio and high% repeat purchases • High average order amount • Number of times a year actions with even higher CPS • Relevant banners that change with seasons

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