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Outdoor Exclusive offers their members access to exclusive and high-quality outdoor branded products with varied, exclusive and unbeatable actions. The flash sale is 7 days on average and is available only to members of Outdoor Exclusive. Becoming a member can be easily done by creating an account. This requires only the name, e-mail address and a password-specific password. Via Daisycon you can pay for € 1.50 CPL and 5% CPS now Outdoor Exclusive Promotion. Consumers who have enrolled receive a weekly newsletter with sharp offers / high discounts from Outdoor Exclusive. The consumer is regularly redirected to a sale. This in combination with a 30-day cookie time on sale and an average order value above € 60 makes this very interesting to promote. The cookie time for leads is 7 days. General Benefits for Outdoor Exclusive Publishers 1. Outdoor Exclusive is open for feedback, reporting improvements via a ticket or mail; 2. Exercise on (online) campaigns that go outside Excluding performing in other channels; 3. Always fresh material available; 4. Alternate, exclusive and unbeatable actions. General Benefits for Outdoor Exclusive Members: 1. Register for free and non-binding; 2. Alternate, exclusive and unbeatable actions with discounts up to 70%; 3. weekly newsletter; You are always the first to know the most sharp offers. Testimonials and Doubling Orders are reviewed monthly. Orders may be rejected as: • The order did not come within the terms of the connected program. • The application form is incorrect and / or incomplete. • The application form has been sent several times with the same data. • A cancellation has been made within 1 week. Affiliate orders are doubled against other campaign channels, except for the Next channels: Google search branded, Bing search branded, reference, direct, organic. In addition, multiple logos of the same clue are doubled. Terms and conditions The Outdoor Exclusive Affiliate Program includes a number of "game rules". The ways you have it

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