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Pranayur affiliate program Pranayur, subsidiary of Holisan, has developed into the best supplier with the most extensive range of genuine Ayurvedic consumer products. This makes Pranayur your Ayurveda specialist in the Netherlands. A happy and healthy lifestyle is now possible for everybody. Product quality and good customer service are key to Pranayur’s philosophy. That’s why products are produced by reputable manufacturers in India. Once in the Netherlands, customer orders are processed with great care at fast speed. Orders are to be delivered the next day. What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is enjoying increasing popularity, also in the West. But in fact it’s actually centuries old. Translated from Sanskrit, this old Indian tradition means “Science of Life". The wisdom, science and practical experience of Ayurveda will contribute to a healthy body, mind and soul. Why choose Ayurveda? Current Western civilization brings a lot of advantages, but also has a downside. As increasing numbers of people suffer from so-called lifestyle diseases and other related inconveniences. Health care has continuously developed in recent years, but unfortunately often appears to solely focus on symptom management. Ayurveda does focus on the cause of the problem and tackles it from the source. Pranayur products Pranayur offers a wide range of Ayurvedic products; from natural care products to wellness products, from food supplements to yoga products. All of them contribute in their own way to be and to stay healthy.

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