Affiliate program is the online shop for the Shoefresh Shoe Refresher: the solution to wet, smelly shoes. The Shoefresh Shoe Refresher cleans and dries shoes. All you have to do is place your shoes over the holders. The program will start and stop automatically and within half an hour your shoes are fresh and dry. is the foot hygiene expert. Wet, smelly shoes are recognizable to everyone. But the Shoefresh Shoe Refresher is most ideal for publishers from the following target groups or categories. • Parents (35-55 years old) • Athletes • Health / lifestyle • Sweaty feet / athlete’s foot / foot fungus (30% of the population suffers from this) Benefits affiliate program • High compensation. • A solution to a common problem: wet, smelly shoes • Products are in stock and get shipped directly • Free delivery within the Netherlands above € 50,- • 14 days money back guarantee & postpay can create a custom banner-set for publishers (e.g. aimed at soccer players). Please contact them through the ticket system.

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