Campagne types

On our platform as advertiser you order, or as publisher you create, various types of branded and native content, also content marketing. Content marketing differs from bannering and programmatic (native) advertising. We explain why.

Content marketing

Content marketing can be separated into two types of marketing: branded and native content. The difference lies in the content being displayed as an article or an ad.

Branded content

Writing or placing an article or link that showcases the brand’s identity and where you can tell the content was written commissioned by the advertiser.

Native content

Linking and directing to an advertiser’s website without showing or mentioning the advertiser’s name.

Programmatic is not content marketing

Native content, usually seen as programmatic content, is not necessarily our definition of content marketing. Programmatic content usually consists of banners looking like textual content, but actually are advertisements. They are perceived as native, because the reader is not aware of its advertising purposes.

Products and services provided by publishers

Publishers choose which services they offer to advertisers. They can publisher articles as themselves, being an influential, or as part of a website. The type of services vary based on the type of of medium they use.


Content written by advertisers and published without alterations on the publisher’s website.

Affiliate links

A specific URL that contains the advertiser‐s ID or username. The affiliate link can be added to content that covers products or services and directs to a page on the advertiser’s website that promotes this product or service. Affiliate links are used to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser’s website.

Blog post

A general description of a native or branded article, specifically written by bloggers.


Having someone write an article or blogpost designed to be published on the advertiser’s website and which showcased the writer’s vision on a subject.

Editorial content / story

A written story, also referred to as editorial content, with references to the advertiser.

Sponsored stories

A uniquely written article commissioned by an advertiser for which an advertiser paid. This could be native as well as branded content.


Adding links to a website aiming to increase SEO by obtaining backlinks and/or gaining traffic from relevant subjects with a high search score.

Links opnemen in bestaande content

Adding content and links to high quality and relevant existing articles. This may also be references to an existing article.


Sending branded or native articles to a blog or website’s readers.

Press release

Publishing an article about an advertiser directly on a publisher’s website.

Product review

A written article that emphasized on the user benefits of a product or service, sometimes comparing them to competing products or services.

Social media mention

Publishing, or posting, a message with an image and with or without mentioning a link to the advertiser. This could be published on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn.


A written story that embodies the human character of a brand without directly referring to the brand in a sales manner or mentioning a link. The story is placed on the advertiser’s website.


Creating a video about an advertiser’s product or service. These videos can be placed on YouTube and may be combined with a social media mention.


Publishing an article aiming to promote a product or service by handing something out to its readers. The advertisers provides the prices.

Favorite brands

Blogs and websites have a list of favorite shops or brands listed on their sidebar. In this section, advertisers and brands get the opportunity to be promoted by influencers.