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We are Local Makers. Bespoke product developers. Bringing your world changing idea to life and ready for production. We provide local, personal guidance for every step of the way. All ideas are safe with us and we’ll make sure not to attract any unwanted eyes in the development process. We are the one stop shop that creates great product design that will be safe and sound for (mass) production. Our network of world-wide suppliers gives access to bulk prices and premium production service. We help tick all the right boxes. From validating to production and stuff in between.

We make sure innovators, idea creators and the world's creatives can forget about the hassle of finding out the steps themselves and having to search for all the different partners and producers. 

Our team guarantees best value for money product development and a product that is ready to go to market. Get a validated concept, great design and security all the way to production.


Please communicate in English, but the assignment is in Dutch, since we're located in the heart of Amsterdam.

  • Writing a blogpost, article or editorial about the upcoming trends in 3D printing, the world of (tech) innovation and the fast world of startups (in general) this should function as an introduction to 'why' Local Makers in relevant.
  • Local Makers is an industry leader in the Netherlands and wants to show how we can make the difficult process of bringing an idea to life, simple. So the 'creative' can focus on getting the idea to market. It's about getting people aware that companies like us, that provide full end-to-end support and production opportunities exist. So in a way, it's a novelty!
  • Please look at our website and see the (big) clients and project that we do. You can obviously choose which ideas you want to communicate.
  • A call to action can be that people check out our website, or 'have you've ever had that idea that you think can change the world, but you never knew where to start?' ... Local Makers might be you shot!
  • (More) Images can be talked about later, to fit the target audience. We have much more.

Make sure you get our tagline in: You think it, we make it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

To get an idea about the design process: https://www.localmakers.com/local-makers-product-ontwikkeling/

We're looking forward to your proposal!

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Custom Product Ontwikkeling


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  • The article is a permanent placement
  • The article should have at least 300 words
  • Contain 2 links
  • Use at least one image
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  • Please use a minimum of three images
  • The images will be send later in the assignment
  • Sharing through Social media would be great
  • The links and anchortrext would be discussed later
  • Website
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  • Business
  • Technology & Computing
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  • 35 till 44
  • 55 till 64
  • 45 till 54
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10 months ago
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