The benefits of an Instagram business account

Instagram offers the possibility to create a business account, but what is the added value? Do you already have an Instagram business account or do you only use a personal profile? As an entrepreneur it is useful to have a business Instagram profile. Why? I’ll tell you in this article.

How do you create an Instagram business account?

You can simply create an Instagram business account. Navigate in the app to settings and choose ‘switch to business profile’.  You do need a Facebook company page, because you need to link this to your Instagram (business) account. After that you can fill in your business profile with contact details and your website. When you’ve done that, you have a Instagram business account!

Why Instagram?

Instagram grows the strongest of all social media platforms in the Netherlands. This year’s social media research of Newcom shows that 4.1 million Dutch people use Instagram, of which 2.1 million daily! The daily use of Instagram increases in every age category, but the strongest among the group op 15 to 19 year olds. And if we look at the figures worldwide, 60 percent (!) say they discover new products via Instagram!

What are the benefits of an Instagram business account?

There is a lot of difference in the possibilities between a personal account and a business account. Curious about the benefits of an Instagram business account? The possibilities and differences are explained below.


Stats and numbers. Ultimately that is what it’s all about in the online media landscape. Boring? Certainly not! With an Instagram business account you learn more about who your followers are, but also what the best time is to post your messages.

With an Instagram business account you gain insight into when your followers are most active during the day. This way you can plan your posts in a more targeted way. Besides the normal likes and comments you can see with a personal profile, you see how often your post has been viewed, the unique reach, but also engagement of  a post. Also, you’ll receive more information about your followers. You can see the ratio in man and woman, the age of you followers and there location (country).

You can also see which of your previously posted posts have been the most successful. Perfect to determine your strategy and to place your content more effectively.

Instagram business statistics

Contact details

With a business account you are more accessible! You can add contact details such as your address, phone number and e-mail address to your biography. This is not possible with a personal account. Normally you would only enter an e-mail address here.

You can also add your website, super useful if you want to refer your followers to your blog!


You’ve probably seen it in stories: Swipe-up! If you have a business account and 10.000 or more followers, you have the option to add a link in your stories. This way you can easily add a link from of your newest blog post and lead your followers here.


Maybe not immediately what you think of, but you can also advertise on Instagram with a business account.  Especially for businesses it’s very interesting, but this can also be very interesting to promote your own profile! Instagram makes it possible to advertise and target your target audience.

You can do this with a sponsored post that is shown in the feed, but also by a sponsored story where you can place a link to your website or blog.


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