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My name is Alyssa. California born and raised. I'm a mother, a wife and adventure seeker. My blog surrounds my lifestyle, fashion, advice, travel and all the things my family and I enjoy in life.

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Alyssa Marie

Alyssa Marie




Avocado Hair Mask

3 weeks ago

Hello lovelies! I'm back on the blog after a few months of focusing my time solely on my family, minimizing my lifestyle and of course the holidays. But it is still a new year and I'm dedicating more of my time to writing more blogs this year in a more consistent fashion.

Since my last post, I've also been focusing more time on really taking care of my hair and skin. I've been obsessed with all natural home remedies lately that I made a day out of the each week dedicated to treating myself to an at home skin and hair care mini 'spa day.' This is a day where I really go all out and start out the week fresh with facial/mud masks, hair masks, getting my nails painted and exfoliating my skin (which I do 2-3 times a week now). I've been crazy about staying hydrated from the inside out these past few months that I refuse to feel dehydrated ever again! Skin and hair hydration and making sure none of each are dry or damaged have become a huge priority in taking care of my appearance. I love staying moisturized, soft and fresh. What can I say?! But this post is going to focus more on my new found love for my home made hair mask by yours truly. Yes, it's been done before, but this is how I measure the ingredients to fit my needs of really getting that moisture to stick as well as keeping my locks healthy.

The avocado coconut oil hair mask.           

What you need:

1 egg

1 whole avocado

2 tablespoons organic coconut oil

1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

Benefits: Avocado is nutrient-dense providing hair with vitamins essential for strengthening against breakage and revitalizes hair as well as lubricating dry ends. Coconut oil penetrates into the scalp for deep nourishment, fights against dandruff, inflammatory skin imperfections, anti-fungal and antibacterial conditions. Rich in fatty acids, both items add shine and sheen to lifeless locks. The raw egg aides hair growth, adds proteins and vitamins such as biotin to curb hair loss as well as thickening hair and fighting against breakage. The extra virgin olive oil really locks in the moisture keeping hair soft, shiny and smooth!

I mash up all of the items in a clean bowl and whisk them all together. Once the mask is at a smooth consistency (no chunks), I part my hair in sections starting from the roots working towards the ends of my hair and massaging the product in thoroughly as I go along. I leave it in for about an hour pinned up. I then wash off the mask in the shower using lukewarm water (to prevent scrambled eggs!) and proceed with my normal shampoo and conditioner routine. Remember to wash all of the product out. After the first treatment, you will notice a difference even if you use heat styling tools. Also use heat styling tools to a minimum to prevent further damage.

This mask tends to be on the messier side, so make sure to keep it contained to doing the mask in one area with a old tee you don't mind messing up. Aside from the mess, this mask is definitely worth a try for an all natural home remedy for soft healthy hair!

Life Detox

5 months ago

I've put my blog unfortunately on the back burner for the past few months now because life. I found myself too focused on the stresses of daily activities that I've often pushed away what's most important in my life. I've been on a life detox and am finding it to be rather fitting and best for me at the moment. 

I'm detoxing my life, my mind, my wardrobe, negative people, the dust collecting in my closet space and home. I'm detoxing and minimizing the objects in my space that no longer serve use or purpose in my world. From a pair of shoes that I haven't worn in a year, to the kitchen utensils that I have too many of; it's detoxed or in the process of.

I started with social media earlier this year, deleting old photos and information that was clogging up space in my phone and page. Deleting my facebook wasn't as hard to do once I had decided it wasn't progressing my life in any way, shape or form. Seeing all of the ignorance and hostility stemming from the platform angered me rather than made me feel apart of a community. After five years of using facebook, I felt like it didn't hold my interest to keep up with such an exhausting perception of life. 

As I'm nearing the age of 27, I'm beginning to feel as if I don't need the clutter lingering in my closet, drawers, and cabinets anymore. I feel as if I need and want less. Minimal. A minimal wardrobe with my favorite items as opposed to a hundred different pieces never being able to compile the perfect outfit. Spending more time in front of my wardrobe...bewildered, instead of gearing that time to something more important. I've spent too much money on a wardrobe I care nothing about. 

I've spent too much of my youth on people who I no longer care to speak with. I've spent too much of my early twenties worrying about being liked, loved and respected that it doesn't continue to phase me anymore. I've spent too much time caring about what everyone else was doing and putting less focus on my own goals. I've spent too much time on a social media platform that will be no longer relevant in 15 years. So I've changed my perception.

I need less social media. I need less clutter. Less negative thoughts and people. Less dust. I feel lighter, happier and carefree when I focus more of my attention on what matters most as I've come to the idea of minimalism and giving more love and nurture to the things I love most. If you feel as if something is clouding your life, your thought train, spirit and mind...then maybe it's time to enhance your potential qualities and let go of what is really sucking those out as opposed to bringing you whole. Afterall, we only live once. 


Why Traveling is Beneficial

7 months ago

You might have heard the saying "I wasn't born to just pay bills and die" by now. Er something along the lines of those words suggesting that no, I wasn't born just to waste away my adulthood by paying bills, working hard to rid my credit card debt or whatever financial obstacles get in my way. Because yes, I too have had debt to pull myself out of. I have bills. I have a child to look after. I am an adult who conforms to society in some aspect as in having a job to pay bills, giving my child everything he needs and then some. 

Maybe you have all the money in the world with no one to travel with. Maybe you have little money. Maybe you have little desire to travel or so much desire that would do anything to be in the shoes of those who can. Maybe you haven't gotten the time, the experience, the mindset or the drive to.

No matter how much I owe, purchase and budget, I always find time and a way to save for minor and major trips. Whatever your story is, you can always make time and save money for travel and you can do it alone safely or with ones you love. Setting goals gets you there, but ultimately having a passion will. Here are some reasons why making time for travel is good for you and your overall health.

"I do not travel because I'm rich, I'm rich because I travel."

1. New Perspective

Traveling broadens your perspective in a way that puts you out of your comfort zone and puts you in an environment unfamiliar to you, but to a familiar place to the ones living wherever you are visiting. Viewing firsthand the lifestyles of a culture can open your eyes to alternative ways of living. Some people experience culture shock and some experience a fresh start to a new perspective. Being forced out of your comfort and into a challenging one can set your mind free to assumptions of culture and shift your perspective to other lifestyles other than your own. 


2. Stress Relieving 

There is no doubt that a week long getaway to the Caribbean islands will do wonders not only to your stress levels, but your overall mental health. Getting out of the mundane daily routines and stresses of everyday life (work, children, relationships, financial issues etc) and unwinding for a good period of time can reset your body and mind back into a better place before getting back to reality. Happiness and satisfaction boosts for travelers in comparison to non-travelers. Having something to look forward to, even if it's a one or two day trip can lower depression and increase happiness as well as clearing a stressful head. 

3. Soul Searching

Whether you're looking towards a solo backpacking trip across Europe or hitting the open highway across the U.S with a group of friends, it's genuine to say that your body and mind will be doing some soul searching whether you think or are searching for it. Maybe you feel like you need to awaken the soul within you or you're in need to refresh or inspire your mind. Often when I feel gloomy of the same scenery around my town, I end up feeling suffocated as if I need to pack up the car and take a small road trip even if it is for a day or two. There is something replenishing when you are able to take away something special from an unforgettable experience through traveling. There is something rewarding about breathing crisp air out in the mountains or camping in the vast desert. When you are able to bring something back home once the trip is over, something that is not have become rich in a way that your soul is full and it has gained something it was looking for subconsciously. 

4. Stimulation and Inspiration

We can become so consumed by our everyday lives, by social media and hobbies. We can become involved with activities close to home and often find no time to do anything. But that's okay too. For some, life can grow stagnant if they aren't challenged out of their comfort zone and inspired. The first time I decided to take a trip across country, I went from plane to plane, airport to airport without having any previous flying experience at the tender age of eighteen. I was a nervous wreck. How was I supposed to find the right terminal and how do you check-in to an airport even? Continuous thoughts I had at the time. I didn't even know what taxes were at that age, but still, I pushed myself to learn not only physical directions, getting from A to B on my own and remembering in which direction I came from, but the obstacles of traveling to get to the heart of the destination of experiencing the whole and taking in the environment is all worth it. Traveling overall can inspire you to take on new challenges in life or take on a dream goal that has been pushed aside. It can inspire you to become a better human, a sweeter companion, an open listener, a grateful friend, a more appreciative civilian glued to a rotating Earth.



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