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Amanda Ray

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Cancer is a scary word… 

2 days ago

With any major life threatening illness it is one step forward and two steps back. And the journey doesn't end when treatment finishes. The drugs take years to get out of your system so extreme exhaustion becomes a constant daily reminder.

Hidden Harm – a survivor’s story of living with drug addict parents

1 week ago

Hidden Harm – a survivor’s story of living with drug addict parents by Veronica Cook Veronica is a survivor, her childhood experiences were challenging, but she has come through trauma and heartache with a message for others in drug taking families. She always wanted a normal life, which she now has with her own loving family. She is reaching out to help others like her.

Dreams Deferred… Though my dreams lie dormant, they never dried-up! 

2 weeks ago

Fayton is an award winning Actor, Poet, Novelist and Spoken Word Artist, SAG-AFTRA. Author of award winning memoir, ‘Conception of a Dialysis Patient', (the untold truths), was well received by critics and publishers. His latest novel published this year is titled ‘Indignation’, kicking fiction into a realm of unsettling candour! With his permission, I’m honoured to publish his latest poem ‘Dreams Deferred’. Anyone who has had to put their dreams on hold will relate to the beautiful poem.

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