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Anna Rice

Anna Rice




10 Tricks for Wonderful Hands and Fingernails or toenails

11 hours ago

Prev1 of 8Next Autumn is here along with it comes cooler conditions. This season, help keep both hands looking their extravagant best and wholesome so no one can actually figure out your age. Below are a few of our favorite hints.   Exfoliate By exfoliating away old skin debris, you will reveal younger looking skin […]

Halloween How-To: Donald Trump plus Hillary Clinton Hairstyles

1 day ago

Picking out your Halloween costume is probably the most difficult decisions you will make all year. Luckily, 2016 will be making it a little easier to experience a buzz-worthy costume (even if it really is last-minute) with the current presidential dialogues. No matter your political view, it’s safe to say both candidates have iconic hair […]

7 Beauty Compounds You Didn't Learn Were Harmful

2 days ago

So you’ve decided to go clear. You’ve detoxed your pantry and made your house chemical-free,?but have you considered your beauty wardrobe? Like food labels, the ingredients list available on your favourite beauty items can seem like it’s written in a foreign terms. However, while it’s safe to follow your “don’t touch it folks who wants […]

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