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I run an interior design website which advertises my services: residential and commercial interior design, online interior design, property styling for sale, show home design. I run the business from...

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Exotic Botanicals Moodboard-Shop the Look!

2 weeks ago

The botanical trend in interiors is as popular as ever as it evokes the wonders of the natural world, and reminds us of steamy rainforests, jungle vistas or even the Palm House at Kew Gardens. The predominant colours in this trend are earth colours, vibrant greens and deep rich browns, which create a sense of […]

Stylish Garden Retreats

4 months ago

David Cameron’s shepherds hut has been in the news a lot lately & it got me thinking about how the humble garden shed has morphed into something altogether more stylish: the garden room.  A garden room is a cost effective alternative to an extension, and provides extra space for a studio, home office, granny annex, […]

Beautiful bathrooms

1 year ago

How to create a beautiful and practical bathroom. One of the trends in bathroom design is blurring the lines between the bedroom and bathroom, so that the bathroom becomes an extension of the bedroom. There is a trend towards a softer, more decorative look, while still keeping the functionality and practicality. This look really lends […]

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