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Antonio Castronuovo

Antonio Castronuovo



Are you get Bored? Now you’ll Know Why

6 months ago

Are you get bored? Now you’ll know why! A group of U.S. researchers has just published the results of “the most complete analysis ever conducted on the experience of boredom”. And he claims to have solved the mystery: people get bored, they ended, when he does boring things! Which is less trivial than it might …

The 10 Most Difficult and Dangerous Airports in the World

6 months ago

Would you like to go to Honduras? Or, why not, the Caribbean? Beware: You may have to land in one of the 10 most dangerous airports in the world! As Icarus teaches, flying is not a risk-free activity. Yet the evidence for years has shown us that air transport is an extremely safe means of …

Beautiful, Unknown and Tremendously Sexy: 10 Women Become Millionaires Thanks to Impertinent Photos

6 months ago

Their names will tell you little: they are perfect strangers become millionaires thanks to Instagram. Sexy shots, accompanied by performance in the gym, make these ten models of the true Queens of the network. 1. Ana Cheri Among all, the Californian Ana Cheri, 29 years, which boasts 4.6 million followers and 2.4 million pounds earned, …

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