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Arjan Pronk

Arjan Pronk

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Eclipse 4.5 SR2 released!

2 years ago

Another year, another SR release; the Eclipse organization released maintenance release two of Eclipse 4.5 (aka, MARS.2, aka Eclipse 4.5.2) today. The release has been done with little fanfare. There’s no notion of this event anywhere on the homepage. On the top of the page at the moment of writing is the Eclipse Foundation […]

Hitachi Cosminexus v10 silently certified for Java EE 7

3 years ago

Every time after a Java EE spec is released it’s somewhat of a battle of who is the first to certify for that new specification. GlassFish is always the first (by definition, as required by the JCP rules for a RI implementation), with tech previews/community editions of JEUS and JBoss following suit. These are however […]

First official JSF 2.3 contribution from

3 years ago

A while back we joined the JSF 2.3 EG as While we had contributed as individuals before (mostly via code suggestions and snippets in JIRA issues) we are proud that today our first more direct contribution was committed to Mojarra for the ongoing JSF 2.3 effort. Co-spec lead Manfred Riem tweeted about this earlier […]

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