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Arjan Pronk

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Essential tips and tools for stocking your startup’s software stack

1 year ago

My name is Mohammad Keyhani and I’m an entrepreneurship professor at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. I created a list of tools and resources for entrepreneurs on ZEEF and I was lucky to see it go viral and very well received in the ProductHunt community (nearly at 1k upvotes!) As an entrepreneurship […]

7 Essential Resources & Tips to Get Started with UX

2 years ago

Hi, I’m Alexander Kluge, the curator of the ZEEF UX page. I´m a remote worker and co-creator of ON BOARD, a Colombian startup offering transformative travel and experiential learning journeys of 3–30 days in one country at a time — visiting and supporting local mentors and communities around the world. I’m also the founder of Coastery Camp. […]

7 Essential Tips & Resources To Get Started With Data Science

2 years ago

Hi, I’m Jan R. Benetka, the curator of the ZEEF Data Science page. I’m also a PhD candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.   I specialize in information retrieval and at the moment I’m using data science techniques to predict which information might be useful for a user before she actually opens […]

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