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Blog van een 20-jarige student die dol is op mode, beauty en lifestyle.

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Catherine Kleynen

Catherine Kleynen



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Keeping it Cozy with my faux fur Dr Martens

1 week ago

So you guys know about my love for Dr Martens boots. I’ve scored my first pair last winter and haven’t been wearing anything else since! When Footway contacted me, I was over the moon to try out these Serena Black Faux Fur Dr Martens Booties. They’ve got the same kind of fit as my Pascal babies, but they have faux fur on the inside, which is amazing since it’s snowing and super cold in my home town right now. I’ve been wearing them for some time and I literally didn’t even have to break them in, no blisters or sore feet at all! I chose for the Serena boots and not for the vegan ones I talked about earlier, I tried them on and they were a bit more chunky and rough. I love wearing these boots with black velvet flared pants or (to show them of even more) with a nice corduroy green skirt. I do have to use some warm tights, since panty-hose are way too cold right now. This ochre yellow cable-knit sweater is by far my favorite piece to wear. It’s so cozy and actually looks really nice. My vintage Levi’s Jeans jacket has some faux fur  […]

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Going Crazy for Delirium Beer

1 month ago

Happy new year everyone! I know January is the month for new year resolution and being healthy, but meanwhile, I just obtained another obsession. Because I’m going crazy for the Delirium beer! See what I did there, haha? Besides brewing amazing beers, they also have the cutest pink elephant mascot. Remember the Disney movie Dumbo? When this little elephant got drunk, he had a crazy alcoholic dream about a bunch of pink elephants, so this actually reminds me of my childhood in a weird kind of way. Anyway, I was in a beer café in Eindhoven yesterday called De Bierprofessor and I saw the gorgeous Delirium Noël glass. This is obviously the Christmas edition of the famous beer and I was in love. Christmas beers and pink elephants are a match made in heaven. After my boyfriend asked the owner if there was a possibility of me buying the glass, he told me that they’re very rare and he didn’t have a lot of those glasses himself. I was quit disappointed, but understood of course. I immediately searched all over the internet to order one of those glasses. This was still in the café itself, very rude of me, I […]

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I wish you a Stranger New Year!

2 months ago

Hey guys! So the second season of Netflix’ Stranger Things was released some time ago, I KNOW. But the obsession is growing inside of me like a little Darth turning into a Demo-dog. The tiny country of the Dutch isn’t so Stranger Things crazy (the rest of the world is in a bigger Eleven frenzy), so it’s almost impossible to find some cool ST merch without spending millions on shipping costs. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help myself, so take a look at this card game inspired by Eggo waffles and there’s even a ST Monopoly!!! Sadly, it’s sold at Target and even though I would spend all my Christmas money on this stuff, it’s not even shipping to the Netherlands… Why is life like this? I’m also in love with the logo and the eighties Steven Spielberg kind of style. The t-shirts and hoodies are so gorgeous and I want to wear these during the Christmas break so bad! Just chilling and relaxing on the couch while re-watching all the episodes! Lua shows how to wear the shirts in a more grunchy/sexy kind of way on her Instagram. Oh and Central 23 has some cute stationary and mugs in their collection, […]

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