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Chris Dunford

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How Did Sage Become the Best? Find Out.

9 hours ago

The word Sage means salvation from its Latin origin and is associated with longevity, immortality, and mental capacity. Sage never loses its fragrance even after being dried out so it is often added to potpourri and is also added to many soaps and perfumes.

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Mexican Chicken Wings

4 days ago

Mexican Chicken Wings Who ever said “it ain’t no thing to be a Chicken Wing” obviously hasn’t tried these wings yet 1/2 c Corn oil 1/4 c Chili powder 1 ts Oregano 1 ts Ground cumin 12 oz Tortilla corn chips 1 lb Chicken wings; disjointed -and tips discarded Preheat…

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Cleaning/Restoring A Cast Iron Pan

5 days ago

 If it's been way to long and I mean way too long, since you've actually used your Cast Iron, chances are it's in need of some TLC. Covered in rust, you say? No problem! These are the go to rules for cleaning/restoring for these Eight Simple Cast Iron Cleaning/Restoring Rules to help you return your pan to its former glory.

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