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daniel chamberlain

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Harmonica on the Pier with the Birds

10 months ago

Harmonica on the Pier with the Birds Conga Dan plays his harmonica on the rocks at the Port Hope pier. Sea gulls and other birds chirp and sing with him. The waves of Lake Ontario crash on the rocks. Water … Continue reading

Harmonica and Rapids

10 months ago

Harmonica and Rapids Conga Dan plays some music accompanied by the roaring rapids of the Ganaraska River. The forest and river bank provide peace and beauty in the sunshine. Conga Dan speaks through his harmonica and invites people down to … Continue reading

Memories of love and lost

10 months ago

Memories of love and lost Published on 11 May 2017 Conga Dan plays his drum at the Ganaraska river and sings a song about the loss of his daughter’s mother. Death can free a soul of pain and suffering. He … Continue reading

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