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AndBloom by Denise Boomkens

The art of Aging Unapologetically. I founded the community in 2018 to create a fun, modern and positive place for women over 40. In September 2021 my first book was published. I am a photographer, writer, journalist, a content creator and as an influencer you’ll find me mostly in my IG stories.

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a year ago

oday the third beautiful woman from the preliminary series of 3 nude portraits. What arose spontaneously makes such an impact. oes it sound strange when I say that I have a little bit of a crush on all my Bloomers? All the portraits that I take in my studio, choose and edit behind my computer, […]

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Helen Roeten

a year ago

he original idea was to start this triptych of nude portraits with Helen, the initiator, to pose naked for AndBloom; out of love for ourselves and to raise awareness for the aging female body. According to some women, body positivity over 40 should only be about aging fuller women and not about bodies in general. […]

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a year ago

very photoshoot is unique; I get to create beautiful pictures of extraordinary women. Every time I meet new women who are enthusiastic about contributing to this great project. I can’t imagine anything more inspiring at this point in my life The day Hilde was in my studio, we spoke about the subject of body positivity. […]

The post Hilde appeared first on AndBloom.

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AndBloom The Art of Aging Unapologetically

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&Bloom is a journey into aging. Photographer Denise Boomkens is (self-)portraiting women.

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