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Little Louvain is a personal fashion and lifestyle blog by Elien Voets. On I share everything I love with you.

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Crazy for chia!

4 days ago

Let’s talk chia seeds today. These tiny seeds have become a popular superfood. In Mayan chia means strength, eating chia seeds gave Aztec warriors enough energy. There are some other great advantages as well. The seeds are super antioxidants, they fight the production of free radicals, which can damage molecules in cells. Due to the high amount of fiber and protein, it should help you lose some weight. Besides that you can add it to almost everything: smoothie bowls, yoghurt, your daily breakfast and… pudding! Today I’m sharing this super easy and yummy chia pudding. If you try this one, share it with the…

New hotspot in Leuven: Les Folies

1 week ago

Opening Les Folies Ghent  Yes! Good news for all the fashion lovers out there, the word is out: Les Folies is finally coming to Leuven! This Saturday you’ll be able to discover the brand new Les Folies shop in my favourite city Leuven. It all began with a webshop and a shop in Ghent. I couldn’t get more excited about this! When new hotspots open their doors in Leuven, I can’t wait to go check it out.  Are you as excited as me? I’ll tell you why you need to visit this shop. Trendy & affordable Lien Riemslagh is the selfmade lady behind Les Folies.…

How to survive the Instagram algorithm

2 weeks ago

The Instagram algorithm, love it or hate it, but it affects every single person on Instagram. Bloggers/ social media ‘influencers’ hate it, I hear them complaining about it every single day. If you search for this subject on Google, you find an entire list of articles about this new algorithm. After doing own research, I’ve decided I actually like this algorithm, you don’t have to believe everything you read on the internet. For those who don’t know how this algorithm works, and what you can do to ‘beat’ it, I’ll explain it in today’s post! chronological vs interests In the past, everything was chronologically arranged.…

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