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7 months ago

Flicking through travel snaps, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite pictures, from some of most magical places I've been (including St Lucia, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Slovenia.)

Instagram Lately

1 year ago

Hey guys, just a little catch up of what's been going down on my Instagram, follow me on their for daily updates and inspiration. I have some exciting new things to show you soon.
Happy Monday!

Summer In Slovenia

1 year ago

Hey guys,

As the saga continues I've been finding it harder to stay in touch with you all as hostel wifi is notoriously poor and Croatia (the last country visited) is pretty much a blur. However, I am now in Italy and have found wifi for long enough to share with you these pictures from Slovenia that I've been trying to post for weeks.

I think most commonly when we think of Slovenia (if you have ever thought about it) we think snow, slopes and skiing which wouldn't be wrong. However, as much as I love an alpine holiday, summer in Slovenia is definitely my favourite time to go. From these pictures it's pretty clear to see why this is one of my favourite places in the world and definitely on my top 3 places I recommend to visit, as its beauty doesn't ever stop. From Soca valley and its crystal clear waters to Ljubljana with the best and most chilled city vibes ever Slovenia is not a place to be missed.

I won't go into much detail about where to go, see ect. in this post as I think the pictures require little justification, but if you do want any information of where to go, where any of these pictures are taken or a link to our incredible flat courtesy of AirBnb, comment below or whack me and email I'm more than happy to fill you in! 

Thank you for reading!!      Emily

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