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Closet favorites - Pink & Nudes

11 months ago

You now I love my black/white/grey outfits, but lately, I've been loving pink & nude. Especially as a pop of colour in an all black outfit, which of course comes in the form of shoes.
I picked up these pink sneakers at H&M when I had kinda miscalculated the weather and I needed some warmer shoes. I'm been pretty much wearing them every day. I'm a sneaker girl, most of the time I'm wearing some sneakers, but sometimes sneakers are just a bit too casual, and I want to wear a bit of a heel but nothing too high, I still go to be comfortable. That's why I picked up these lovely nude sandal/shoes from Primark. They are the perfect height and they are a bit more dressy than a plain pair of flat/sneakers.

An update on my life

12 months ago

If you've been following me for a while you will have heard me talk about my struggles in college and the fact that I dropped out last year.
Now I graduated high school in 2009, a long time ago. But I really struggled to find the thing I wanted to do in college. I tried different thing and even changed schools( although not by choice) but in the end, I made the decision to drop out without getting a degree. I could make an entire post about what I think about the system of higher education here in Belgium but I won't.
Dropping out was once of the scariest things to do. I mean all of a sudden I had to start looking for jobs, with no degree or any real experience. But I wasn't happy with my life and the pace my life was going at.

I'm not saying I'm happy right now like I said finding a job with no degree or experience is not the easiest to do. Especially where I live and where I can get with public transport since I don't have a license yet (I could fill another post with the reasons for this). But I'm not doing things that make me unhappy anymore if that makes sense?

If you would have told be at 18/20 that I would still be living at my parent's house, without a degree or a job at 25, I wouldn't have believed you. Even though I didn't now exactly wanted to do, but I had a timeframe. I would get my degree in 3/4 year and then I would find a job that I loved. Save for a year and then get a place with my boyfriend. Perhaps a bit of a naive plan, but a plan none the less.
But I've learned that plans change or things just don't go the way you want them at all. And that that is okay. Everybody's life is different and just because I'm not where somebody else my age is, doesn't mean I'm not gonna reach where I want to be. It'll just be a few years later.

I know this a different type of post then what I normally post, but you might have noticed my schedule has been a bit all over the place. It's not that I haven't had ideas for my blog. I just haven't had the motivation to actually put in the work.
Like I already said I'm currently looking for a job and let's just say it's been a tiresome thing. Constantly hearing you're not the right one for the job get to you after a while. And I kinda let my head down and I wasn't motivated for anything. I wasn't looking at jobs I want to do or working on my blog and youtube. Which would be my ultimate dream job and I know I can grow this bigger if I put the effort in. But sometimes it's difficult when you don't really have anyone in your corner. Don't get my wrong, my family and boyfriend all support my blog, but they don't see it as an option for a real job that pays the bills.

But I try and stay positive because I do believe that if you're looking towards life positive you get positivity back.

Things are starting to move forward. It's not all finished yet but I'm hoping my boyfriend and me can move in together this summer or early fall. And I'm not giving up on finding a job. I've also started evening classes to get an Associate’s Degree In Marketing. And I've planned out my content for this month on both my blog and youtube. So hopefully no more breaks and more growth for herimagination.

My 2017 goals revised and updated

1 year ago

Since we are three months into 2017, I figured it was about time to go over my goals I had set in the beginning of this year. And see how I was doing and how I could do better.

I have actually been making some progress on some goals. But when it comes to others I haven't really been paying that much attention to them. So I wanted someplace where I could keep track of my progress.

I split up my goals into four categories: health, finance, knowledge, and happiness. I feel like if you achieve something in these four categories, it seeps through in the rest if that makes sense.
I've been making good progress on my health goals, but I've been really struggling with the finance goals. It's pretty difficult to save money when you don't have much income. But I'm hopeful that that will change soon.

I wanted a way to monitor my progress for some of these goals. So I created these very simple trackers. This way I have to come back to this page regularly and I'll hopefully have better progress.

  • Since I don't have a job at the moment where I need to be somewhere by a certain time, I've been pretty bad with my sleeping pattern; I'm constantly going to bed after midnight and not getting up until after 9 o'clock. I'm never gonna be a huge morning person, I like the quiet of the evening too much for that, but I do want to get up earlier and be more productive in the morning. 
  • I love working out but every time it either get really cold outside or too warm I end up slacking and not working out at all, this year I want to start working out and not fall off the wagon anymore.  I'm actually working out 5/6 days a week right now, but only for 15/20 min. Ideally, I want to work out at least 4 days a week for something between 30 mins to an hour. 
  • French has always been a struggle for me even in high school. I just never mastered it, but I really want to use it more and get better at it. So I'm using duolingo at the moment to dust off my french at the moment. Hopefully, I'm a bit better at it by this summer. 
  • I've been saying I need to get my driver license for a few years now but I'm terrified to learn how to drive. I tried booking some lessons this month but every driving school is booked full until the end of May. So I'll try again then, once I've started I'm hoping I can get my license somewhere after the summer. 

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