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For over five years now, I have been writing about matters that I encounter as an entrepreneur. Topics include entrepreneurship, digital marketing, video content, affiliate marketing, mobile, branding...

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Greetje den Holder

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The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags on Instagram

2 hours ago

Are you using Instagram to grow your company? Instagram has great potential for entrepreneurs but sometimes, it is hard to find the best relevant hashtags to use and reach the widest audience possible. Instagram offers suggestions for hashtags as you type, which is great, but this option has its limits. What is an entrepreneur to do? In this ultimate guide, you will find tips and tools for hashtags on Instagram, allowing you to grow the reach of your posts and, ultimately, your company. Continue Reading →

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100 Out and Proud Heroes of the Business World (2017)

1 week ago

On October 26, 2017, OUTstanding and Financial Times presented the 2017 OUTstanding & FT Leading LGBT+ & Ally Executives lists, which consist of the lists ‘2017 Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives,’ ‘2017 Leading 50 Ally Executives,’ ‘Top 50 LGBT+ Future Leaders’ and ‘2017 Top 20 LGBT+ Public Sector Executives.’ These lists are important because, as OUTstanding says, “We need to prove to the world that you will not be held back or live in fear of discrimination because of who you are. Our lists go a tremendous way in normalizing the experience of being LGBT+ in the workplace.” Find out who the 100 out and proud LGBT+ heroes are here Continue Reading →

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New to Keyword Research? Here are the Best Resources and Tools!

2 weeks ago

Are you launching a new website or blog and are you not sure how to reach your target audience? Keywords are key and finding the ones that best match your audience’s needs can be quite daunting, especially if you are just learning about SEO. This blog lists 5 resources and 10 tools that come in handy for beginners. Continue Reading →

The post New to Keyword Research? Here are the Best Resources and Tools! appeared first on BudgetVertalingOnline.

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