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South Korea tourist spots

2 years ago

The Republic of South Korea is a country that more than ten million visitors from abroad come to visit every year. With its long history in culture and tradition, the country has a lot to offer to travelers. snippet update update too: Sk destinations, places to visit in korea Map with South Korea tourist spots [...]

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What luxury to expect at Mt Everest Base Camp

2 years ago

Of course we could have gone to a beautiful beach resort, instead we booked a room at the highest situated hotel on earth nearby the Mnt Everest Base Camp (EBC) at Tibet side. This is no place for wimps. At an altitude of 5300m (17,000ft) there is lack of any luxury, instead, all your senses [...]

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7 things you should prepare for Taipei

2 years ago

Prepare for Taipei When you intend to visit Taipei the capital city of Taiwan, it will be helpful when you prepare a number of things prior your actual visit. Of course you will check the weather first to determine the best time to visit Taipei. Then you can go preparing your next visit to Taipei [...]

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