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We believe there is a story in everything and want to share these stories with you. Founded in 2009 April and May is an online platform about interior, design, fashion and lifestyle.

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Jantine Vaartjes

Jantine Vaartjes




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the Gjøvik house

18 hours ago

Norm Architects inspires us with every new project they finish and for us they embody the way minimalism should be perceived creating the perfect balance between timeless aesthetics, function and beauty.
The Gjøvik house is located on a majestic hill side facing the Norwegian woods and Mjøsa lakean just an hour north of Oslo.

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30 days to minimal blogging

2 days ago

This year is the year we want to turn things around with our platform and the content we share and create. Being around in the online community for a long time now makes us realise it becomes more and more important to get more personal and stay strong to your values. It’s these believes

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a personal note

1 week ago

With the new year starting I wanted to start with a more personal note. A new year means making new plans for our business but also looking back at 2017 to reflect and take this with us for the new year.
This post was something I had on my mind for a long time

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MediaKit: April and May
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