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john smith

john smith




How can you increase your muscle mass and definition as a woman

10 months ago

I have maintained for years that women do not gain “muscle mass” as men do. Unless they cheat…By doing steroids.There may be a small percentage of women who have the genetic makeup to become muscular….A large frame, and a high percentage of fast-twitch muscle fiber.But most will not. “Natural” female bodybuilders tend to end up looking like this:Nicely shaped, well-defined, but not particularly “large”.The occasional female bodybuilder you see who looks more like “Ahnold” with a woman’s head has been nipping at the steroids.The other answer recommends “lifting heavy”….That is not the method employed by male bodybuilders. “Lifting heavy” is for strength training. Heavy weights, low repetitions.Bodybuilders use relatively lighter weights, higher repetitions, and multiple sets, along with special dietary strategies. Not just “eat more”. That’s how you get fat.Bodybuilders (smart ones….) very carefully monitor protein intake and other nutrients and also go through “bulking” and “cutting” cycles.

the diet to lose fat and gain muscle

10 months ago

Building muscle while losing weight is the equivalent of Alchemy in the Middle Ages,  (the cliché of medieval alchemists being able to “turn lead into gold”), Can one do it? At first glance, no.Gaining muscle requires a calorie surplus, losing fat a deficit. Henceforth the two must be mutually exclusive. This is more or less true, expect for two circumstances:1. You are a beginner or are gaining weight back from an injury/illness.
2. You are using a lot of drugs.By-the-way, this also means that if you are not losing weight while dieting it is not because you secretly built muscle but rather because you are still eating too much. Just saying….Great Maik! Thanks for nothing.  Where is the unsubscribe button for this stupid email? Not so fast, as this raises some interesting questions:How do you build muscle without gaining too much fat and by the same token, how do you keep the muscle while dieting?The answer to both is CULKING, a mix of bulking and cutting. Let me elaborate on this; in the past bodybuilders ate themselves silly (a.k.a. got fat) for 25 weeks just to starve themselves for another 20 weeks before the contest. Not only does this make for a year of misery it is also ineffective. The fatter you get the less muscle you build and the more you starve yourself the more muscle you lose. In the end, you have suffered for 45+ weeks just to look the same as the year before.Instead, I recommend having a slight caloric surplus (300 calories) when trying to put on muscle for three weeks followed by a week of dieting. This way you’ll stay lean enough to look fabulous and your insulin sensitivity will be increased to avoid fat gain.By the same token, if you are dieting; avoid drastic caloric deficits as they will lead to muscle loss and overeat every 10-14 days depending on leanness.

What do you need to eat to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time ?

10 months ago

Let me start off with:  It is absolutely possible to lose fat while building muscle.It's not the fastest way to build muscle, per se, but it's possible. Resistance training.If you have a quality program or routine set up, you don't need to change it.If you don't figure out a good program that works for you. I happen to be a fan of full body workouts, hitting the gym heavy twice a week and doing endurance calisthenic work on the days out of the gym, and have had great results so far, this is known as daily undulating periodization, a useful training tool for strength building [1]In any case keep lifting and lifting hard. Cardiovascular trainingYou can do it if you want to, I'm a fan of it, for a  number of reasons, not solely aesthetic reasons.  If you do cardio, I suggest doing it moderate to high intensity for at least 30 minutes a session.People that fail to shrink their fat while doing cardiovascular are likely failing in the next session. NutritionNutrition is key. It's the absolute most important part of muscle building and adipose tissue shrinkage.There's plenty of evidence out there that shows it's possible to both lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.One study dissected in bodybuilding[dot]com  [2] talks about how they were able to, very effectively build up muscle and lower fat mass by drinking a carbohydrate drink mixed with amino acids.Other people have seen great success utilizing a ketogenic diet [3]. There are 2 clinical studies I'd like to call out:

  • Overfat police officers put on a low calorie diet with increased protein consumption and put through a resistance training routine lost 9 pounds of fat and gained 8 pounds of muscle in 3 months[4]
  • Elite gymnasts put on a low calorie ketogenic diet while still performing elite gymnast training lost 2% body fat and increased their lean mass by nearly a pound...and these people were super lean and trained to begin with.[5]
Long story short, you can do a ketogenic diet, getting 75% calories from fat, 24% calories from protein, 1% from carbs while eating at a  slight deficit and you can gain mass and shrink your calories.You could also simply eat at a deficit while getting enough protein (.87 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass [6])If you are still a teenager, I would  not recommend eating at a deficit, however, unless you're under a doctor's supervision. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't recommend anyone go into keto or starting a fitness program without getting a physical first.Another strategy I'd suggest is  intermittent fasting.Your body gets most of it's energy from fat while you're resting, under normal fasted conditions [7].  When you eat, your "metabolism" goes up while you digest your food, but at the same time your body will function on the newly acquired sugar, fat, and amino acids rather than the energy sources you already have.In an intermittent fasting program, you get all the calories you need (2000, for a normal guy) within a certain window (like 8 hours). You then don't eat for 16. During the fasted time your adipose metabolism may actually increase as your body starts telling you: "it's time to find food!", plus your fat storage will be the preferred energy source during this time. [8]This strategy is actually how Hugh Jackman got into shape for his role for wolverine: Heavy lifting and 8/16 intermittent fasting.From:  The Wolverine Diet & WorkoutAs you can tell from the post, most what you have to do is look at your diet. Resistance training is essential to get your muscles built, but to get the results you're looking for you have to eat properly.Read the footnotes to get some ideas. This post is specific enough to get you started, but you should be able to figure out what works best for you from it.One thing to always keep in mind with body recomposition: patience. Patience is key. Muscles build slowly, fat shrinks slowly. You'll see big changes quick. The biggest changes, though, take time. It could take years to get to where you want to be, what's important is that you're on the journey.

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