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Serving you big art in small bites

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Jolene den Boer

Jolene den Boer



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Rubens and Jessica Jones

5 days ago

A Spoonful of Art-reader asked me if I knew which painting can be seen in episode twelve of season two of Netflix-series Jessica Jones. At some point during this episode,…

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The post Rubens and Jessica Jones appeared first on Spoonful of Art.

Life? Or Theatre?

7 days ago

The Jewish Historical Museum presents the story of a special woman. With the exhibition Charlotte Salomon: Life? or Theatre? the audience gets introduced to a unique artistic legacy. About 800…

Lees verderLife? Or Theatre?

The post Life? Or Theatre? appeared first on Spoonful of Art.

My Name is Prince

1 week ago

Legendary artists like Prince never really die. The legacy of this phenomenal musician is very much alive. The tribute of Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl this year clearly demonstrated…

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The post My Name is Prince appeared first on Spoonful of Art.

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