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Kelly Morrison Kelly Morrison – foodiefiasco.com

Fiasco Flair pairs stunning photography with on-trend outfits to provide really beautiful fashion for beautifully real people. Flair is the stylish sister site to one of the internet's leading health food blogs, Foodie Fiasco. Foodie is renowned for creating uniquely indulgent recipes that are low c...

Kelly Morrison

Kelly Morrison

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Single Serving Protein Chocolate Chip Muffin

10 months ago
An instant staple. I leave for college in about two weeks (!?!), so I’m currently in the throes of the epic moving process. Such a major life change is a lot of food for thought, but today I’m going to focus on the food. Look at me, talking food on my food blog. I’m really Read More »

Three Ingredient Pasta Bolognese for One

10 months ago
Because sometimes I’d much rather be in bed than in the kitchen. We all have those moments, right? When you’re just reeaaalllyy not feeling the whole cooking thing, but it’s time for a meal. Not a why-don’t-I-just-make-a-cinnamon-bun-for-dinner-again kind of situation (worry not– I’ll still make it for dessert), but like an actual meal substantial enough Read More »

Giant Single Serving Cinnamon Bun

10 months ago
This is an easy sell. There is no convincing involved when explaining the necessity of an on-demand cinnamon bun. There is no time a day that would not benefit from something so decadent/healthy/easy/all around fabulous. It’s the morning and you’re craving a warm, fresh baked good right out of the oven. But it’s a big day Read More »

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