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Regards Lauryn

Lauryn Stadhouder Lauryn Stadhouder – regardslauryn.com

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Lauryn Stadhouder

Lauryn Stadhouder

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Introduction: Tabitha James Kraan (WINACTIE)

1 day ago

Recently, I received a very cute message by Tabitha James Kraan, also called TJK. They wanted me to try their organic hairproducts. “Count me in!” I said. Lately, I am increasingly looking at what kind of products I use. For example, I use products that have not been tested on animals a lot more relaxed. It just feels better for me. So when I heard of TJK for the first time, […]

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BLUXBox: Maart 2018

2 months ago

Hi there, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blogpost for Regards Lauryn. Honestly, I do miss sharing thoughts and products with you. But in this time I cannot find time for doing this anymore. So sad, I know. Today is a lucky day because I finally found some time to write a new article. I must say, I did force myself to do this a bit, but […]

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The Happiness Boutique: half moon jewelry set

3 months ago

As you might know, I’m kind of obsessed with the moon and its phases. So when I saw that there are this kind of jewelry sets on the market, I had to own one of them! Recently I teamed up with The Happiness Boutique. It’s a German brand which sells lots of amazing jewelry. When I scrolled through their webshop I saw many things I would like to purchase, to […]

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