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The Happiness Boutique: half moon jewelry set

1 month ago

As you might know, I’m kind of obsessed with the moon and its phases. So when I saw that there are this kind of jewelry sets on the market, I had to own one of them! Recently I teamed up with The Happiness Boutique. It’s a German brand which sells lots of amazing jewelry. When I scrolled through their webshop I saw many things I would like to purchase, to […]

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L.O.V. — Make-up box

1 month ago

Recently I received a cute make-up goodie bag by L.O.V. Honestly, I have never heard of this brand before so I did some research. I mean, the products look really great to me though. They’re awesome. I think they’re having a luxurious appearance, which is very interesting for cheap products like these. What I’m trying to say is that L.O.V. isn’t really a high end make-up brand, so it’s a big […]

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Batiste: original dry shampoo

1 month ago

I’ve noticed that it’s very nice to always have another spray can of dry shampoo in your stash. When you got a bad hair day, Batiste will be your life saver. Trust me. So when I found out all the dry shampoo spray cans I had in my stash were empty, I decided to purchase another one. This time it were the Batiste original. I think originals are always a […]

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