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What does jealousy do?

1 month ago

Being jealous is totally normal. It’s humane. So don’t worry about that. In this blogpost I just wanna mention the effects of being jealous, because some people actually can’t deal with this emotion. Jealousy is one of the most heaviest humane emotions and is known for the amount of control this emotion has on the behavior of people. It’s sick how much this emotion can influence someones day, for example. Intense […]

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What the hell is gravity?

1 month ago

You know what subject really fucks me up? Gravity. I really become crazy when thinking about it, so I had to share. Of course. Okay, so you might know I have finished the ‘Cosmos: A spacetime Odyssey’ series. I don’t know if you have seen this one before, but you really should. It is an interesting one. It’s just on Netflix so be my guest, haha. Alright. So, recently, they […]

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What do they expect from me?

1 month ago

Recently, I wrote a blogpost about being addicted to the numbers of Instagram. In that post I told you that Instagram has a new algorithm and that I really don’t like it. Haven’t read this blogpost yet? Click here. So lately, I started to recognize the way people see me and they actually do expect a lot of me. You know, when I get to know new people and we’re […]

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