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Room check?!

1 month ago

School stress finally settling in. Three tests in one day, and five tests in one week. Isn’t midterms suppose to be in the middle of the term? Either way, I have brought my grades to where I want them, and only two more ‘midterms’ to go (at this point isn’t it quarter terms because they …

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W, T, F.

1 month ago

OMG, this was the week before all my big tests and I’m still exhausted! Next week I have a test in every single class.  As said best by unknown guy with the quote of the days on his door, (Yes, he does change them daily. And yes I read them, daily) “Don’t worry after Tuesday …

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Res Life

1 month ago

I have to preface this post with a disclaimer: I am not trying to say anything bad about my school I am just stating what I have observed and been told personally. Restrooms and Showers After being in the dorms for a few days I discovered quite a bit of very important things. Some of …

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