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Life Update

2 weeks ago

It’s been two months since I last posted. School started up again and its more demanding than ever. Every free moment I’m not in class is spent studying or scanning. That leaves me little to no time for friends and blogging. Friends Speaking of friends, I have had an interesting time with this and let’s …

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Loft Vibes

3 months ago

Ever since I was little I wanted a loft and a few weeks ago I stayed in a house that had an awesome loft.  It was spacious and easy to get up to. I knew I was going to stay out in the shed a lot.  The shed has been converted to an extra room. …

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Dead Week or Dead in General

4 months ago

Just finished up dead week, but I am totally dead. Thankfully I made plans tonight to go hang out with some friends. However, when dead week hits here are some tip and tricks to help alleviate some built up stress.It may have helped for me to use more of these throughout the week as well.  …

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