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4 months ago

As boring this can outfit can feel for some people, i’m loving it! I don’t wear very often a total black outfit anymore, but when i wear it i can -oh so- enjoy it! Also, wearing my newest deep blue coat from Zara. It’s an oversized coat which is perfect for this kind of seasons.…


4 months ago

When it comes to interior styling my taste can be very different. I always find it very hard to pick one kind of style. I like so much different styles and find it very hard to mix it up. I’m always stuck with timeless pieces and trends.  I will show you my favorite styles and…


8 months ago

Every now and then I feel like there is an empty space in my wardrobe for a new item. Well since I’m looking for a decent backpack I decided to start the journey to find one. I found this medium sized backpack from Michael Kors, at the first look i thought it was a little…

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