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Maarten van Breederoode

Maarten van Breederoode

Sinds begin jaren 80 fan van SAAB en van daaruit is de liefde voor Scandinavië gegroeid. Deze website is bedoeld om Scandinavië zoals ik het beleef te delen met de rest van de wereld.




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What to do and where to stay in Trollhättan?

10 months ago

Because SAAB is a big part of the history of Trollhättan we have been here several times. It is a nice town and also famous for the biggest difference in level in the Göta Canal. What are the activities in Trollhättan area? There are a lot of activities to do in Trollhättan and below you will […]

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11 months ago

You may have noticed I am currently not a fan of Volvo. But Volvo does have a lot of nice safety features and they are still in business. So there is a huge chance that somewhere in the future a Volvo will stand on our driveway. Classic A very long time ago there was a […]

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Travel wishlist

11 months ago

Since summer 2016 we are thinking about destinations or ways of traveling that we want on our travel wishlist. As I love Scandinavia and does not have much with countries outside Europe I have only trips to Scandinavia on my travel wishlist. I can think of other destinations and we will have trips to other […]

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