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mardare adrian

mardare adrian




India is ready for Apple Plan

2 years ago

Apple reported record Q1 revenue yesterday, warning that Q2 iPhone sales may shrink slightly because global economic and social instability is bad for business. Wall Street responded its usual way and abandoned ship. Wall Street is wrong Apple already has a strategy for future growth. It has been developing it for years. I explored the […]

The European Union Focused on Quantum Computing

2 years ago

  The European Commission plans to invest a billion euros in quantum computing as part of a larger initiative to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in the digital economy. The investment, about $1.1 billion, will be made through an effort called Quantum Flagship, akin to existing “flagship” projects in the European Union focused on graphene and on […]

Razer Blade Stealth (QHD)

2 years ago

Design With the exception of screen resolution, the design of the Stealth (QHD) is identical to its more expensive brother, the Razer Blade Stealth (4K UHD), in every way. The higher price of the 4K model bumps it into the high-end ultraportable category, while the QHD configuration is midrange, giving this system a different field […]

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