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Though improving yourself does not really mean applying makeup, for most women, make up gives them the confidence to face other people. Makeup brushes come in different varieties. Also, it is also pro...

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MD Morshadul ALAM

MD Morshadul ALAM




E.L.F. Studio 11 Pieces Brush Collection 12 Ounce

1 year ago

Fundamental it may seems to explain why you need to consider using makeup kits in the first place. Different makeup brushes represent different shapes, the more largely or smaller the area of your face you are working on the larger or smaller the brush you should use. The main tool here is the hand of the makeup artist. Without it you couldn’t achieve the result you want to accomplish. A brush only distributes balance and evenly foundation or color to your face. Your hand may be too big or small to achieve the look you have been planning to create;

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Be Instantly Beautiful With the New SHANY COSMETICS NY Collection Pro Brush Kit

1 year ago

No one wants to be not-so-pretty even for a day. Women search and try on every cosmetic item they can see to test which one will definitely be appropriate for them. Different items have been developed and in line with it, many tools that can be used for them were created as well. One of the important things that have been developed to use every makeup item maximally is the brush. Brushes are used to apply makeup on your face. It has different sizes and texture that are used specifically to create your desired look. The numbers of types of

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1 year ago

GREEN BAMBU SERIES SMOKY EYES 5-PC. BRUSH SET Have you ever imagine in the world of cosmetics and makeup’s to have considered the fact that in every human creation there has always a contradicting effect in the our natural possessions? Honestly, who would have thought that bamboo can contribute an excellent help in cosmetic industry. This may be a little bit unusual for a makeup brushes to color it all green. Why green by the way? There’s so many color in the world, you could use some of it or better combine it with other color to look more fab and


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