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Nesrin Bozlak

Nesrin Bozlak



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2 months ago

Every now and then I feel like there is an empty space in my wardrobe for a new item. Well since I’m looking for a decent backpack I decided to start the journey to find one. I found this medium sized backpack from Michael Kors, at the first look i thought it was a little…


3 months ago

If you know me a little bit, then you’ll know that I love to go to the city and grab a cup of coffee at my favorite place in town. We just took these photos before we went, while I had a day off from work. I can tell you that I can enjoy these…


4 months ago

Excuse me for the silence. I really can’t believe that it’s been months (!) since I posted my last outfit photo. Which was in the Winter. Well since the weather keeps surprising me, I can’t wearing every type of blouses in the colour baby blue. Below you can find the whole outfit, also let me…

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