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Having your wisdom teeth pulled: facing my fears

3 days ago

Having your wisdom teeth pulled is, surprisingly, not at all like pulling teeth. In fact, it was so much easier than I expected that I actually thought:

'I can't believe I made such a fuss!'

Once upon a time, well alright, it was 5 years ago my dentist said to me: 'Oh and by the way, your wisdom teeth should be pulled.'

I started to tremble with fear, which frightened the dentist. So he allowed me to postpone. For five years I lived with the unpleasant knowledge I had some lodgers in my mouth, that shouldn't be there.

But my fear was too big to face them.

Twinges: are my wisdom teeth dancing on the ceiling?
Unfortunately after about three years my wisdom teeth started acting up. Not all the time, but just often enough to complete spoil my day and drape it with fear. I would get these odd twinges, like they were having a party.

 I could almost hear Lionel Richie singing: 'What a feeheeling! When you're dancing on the ceiling!' And whenever I felt one of those twinges, I felt a surge of panic. I'ld think: 'Oh no! Is this it? Have I come to the end of the line? Has the time come to have my wisdom teeth pulled?'

Please deliver me from this hell of fear!
Then, last Friday I'd suddenly had enough. I got more fed up, than I was afraid. So I called the dentist, and threw myself at his mercy. I explained how I was the world's biggest coward when it came to having my wisdom teeth pulled, and if he could please deliver me from my personal hell. And he said yes! I rushed on over to the dentist, so relieved I was finally facing my fears, I almost forgot to be scared.

'Don't worry. This is not my first time'
As I lay myself down in the dentist chair, my fears however made a quick come back.

'Don't worry,' the dentist assured me. 'This may be your first time. But it's not mine. And that's what it's all about!'

Then he pulled my right wisdom teeth in about 2 seconds, and the left one in 4 seconds.
Not only did I face one of my biggest fears, I have two trophies to show for it! In a little plastic bag.

How do you feel about your wisdom teeth?

N.B. Please let me tale be of comfort for you. Having your wisdom teeth pulled can be a walk in the park!

Why are you reading this post?

1 week ago

Why are you reading this post?

I'll tell you!

Because I cleverly used a 'question mark' thereyby triggering the part of your brain that wants answers!

Then I lured you further in by using the word 'you' making you think:

'Are you talkin'to me?'

It just goes to show: choosing the right title for your post is important. The title of a post should catch the attention of your visitors. And because their attention span is short, you have to be quick about it!
So, how to write a good post title for humans?
See what I did there? I used a question mark again! Making sure you'll continue reading this post.

  1. Use a question mark in your blog post. People are wired to want to know the answer when they see a question. Research has shown that headlines and titles with a question marked are clicked on two and half times more than titles without a question mark. So there you go!

  2. Address your visitors directly. Talk to them, using words like 'you'.

  3. Make your post title interesting, so people will be intrigued or curious.

  4. Use numbers! People love lists.

  5. Don't be afraid to go all superlative. Use words like The Greatest, The Best. I mean who wouldn't want to read a post like that!

How to write a good blog post title for Google?
Google is not human. I know, I know, this may come as a shock, but there you have it. Therefore different rules apply when it comes to Google.

For example: the title of this post is optimized for the human eye. If I wanted to get in with Google I should have used a title like: 'How to write a good title for your post'. Because that title suits the content of this post better.

  1. A good blog post title contains the keyword you want people to find you with.

  2. A good blog post title doesn't contain more than 70 characters

  3. Google has no sense of humor! I once wrote a post about dance lessons, and titled it: 'Bawling my eyes out'. Obviously Google did nót get that this post was about dance lessons.

Did you like this article? Please share it with your friends, family, neighbours, the girl behind the counter of your grocery store, your hairdresser and your mailman!

Lighten Up — Making the House look Brighter

2 weeks ago

I love this style of lamp!Do you sometimes get the itch to redecorate your home? To give it a whole new look and move all the furniture around?

I do.

And my husband hates it. He likes things to stay the same. But there's nothing like giving your home a make-over. I love walking into a room I've changed, and enjoying the new look and feel.

And now I've discovered another way to give our home a new look: lamps! I can't believe I've neglected lighting all this time. Personally I blame my aunt! She used to have dolls with lamps beneath their skirts. I think that's put me off lamps for a long time.

But no more.

Give your room a whole new look by using lamps!
Switching up your lighting is an easy, not-too-expensive way to alter the entire space. But when you're choosing your lamps make sure they blend in with the furniture, wall color and decor you've chosen. That way your room will look cohesive and welcoming look and not like a cheap thrift shop.

Mix and match different styles of lamps
You can enhance the personality of your bedroom, office or living room with table lamps while also creating enough light to read, play games or spend time with friends and family. Many experts recommend mixing and matching colors and styles. For instance, you could place one type of lamp on your nightstands and then a different, but coordinating on your dresser. You might also try two different lamps in the same color. These little details help bring the room together so that you can enjoy it.

Size matters!
Another thing to consider when choosing table lights is the lamp size. Home design specialists recommend choosing ones that allow you to see just the light bulb socket when you sit down. If it’s any taller than that the light will shine right into your eyes when you're relaxing.

The height of a lamp shouldn't stop you from buying a lamp you love though. Don't be afraid to mix and match shades. You can always switch one that doesn't work with one that does. That way you can add the ambiance you want without having to sacrifice the perfect lamp for your room.

Not every lamp goes everywhere
You can bring lamps into virtually any room of your house. But that doesn’t mean one that’s right for a particular room will work well for all the others too. In the living room, you can usually get away with taller lamps, provided that they don't shine in your face. But make sure they're heavier on the bottom so they’re less likely to get knocked over in such a high traffic space. Especially if you have kids!

Use a brighter bulb, and scatter several table lamps around so that there's light reaching the entire room. In the dining room, go for dramatic lamps with smaller shades so that they occupy less space but add elegance to the room.

For your bedroom, choose a smaller, shorter lamp that can provide light for reading. In kids' bedrooms, go for sturdy lamps that hold up to playing, and consider fun colors and shapes to bring life to the space.

Think before you buy
No matter what type of lamp or light you choose, always give it some thought before buying. That way you won’t end up stuck with a purchase that you later regret. Decide which style and color will look best beforehand, so that you can find what you want easily. Home design can be stressful enough without the burden of the shopping around adding to it!

Especially if you take your husband with you. Which is a rookie mistake, if you ask me!

What kinds of lamps do you have?

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