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Patricia Hayes

Patricia Hayes



Jeeves in the Kitchen: Brown Betty Teapot

3 weeks ago

When Jeeves serves tea to Bertie it is usually from a silver tea pot and fine bone China. When Jeeves has his own tea in the kitchen it is brewed in a brown betty teapot and  poured into plain white tea cups as seen in the foreground of the screen capture here. The teapot used … Continue reading Jeeves in the Kitchen: Brown Betty Teapot

Bertie Wooster’s Glass Bowl

4 weeks ago

In this screen capture from Jeeves and Wooster  we see an interesting  glass bowl on the coffee table on the set of the Bertie Wooster flat. This glass bowl is seen on the table throughout the series. Recently I decided to search for one on eBay and  found one very like it It is a … Continue reading Bertie Wooster’s Glass Bowl

6 o’clock at the Wooster Flat

4 weeks ago

At 6 o'clock it's time for whiskey and soda served by Jeeves at Bertie Wooster's flat. Details: Libbey Duratuff Cortado / Gibraltar Rocks Glass 4.5 OZ Small silver Platter : Marcovitch Cigarette Box:

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