Paula Kragten

Paula Kragten

Period! is een online magazine over menstruatie. Informatief en niet te medisch. Met een solide social media netwerk (+14.000 Twitter/+10.000 Facebook-pages). Publisher Paula Kragten (auteur Mooi rood is niet lelijk) is contentspecialist en mediacommentator (

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10 Weird tampon patents

2 weeks ago

There are lots of ideas about what would make the ideal sanitary product. But some of these patents are unlikely to ever be produced in reality. Here are the ten weirdest ones. (…)

The post 10 Weird tampon patents appeared first on Period!.

Menstruating goddess

3 weeks ago

A goddess who’s on her period? In the Kamakhya temple in India, place of the womb and vagina of goddess Sati, this happens every year. (…)

The post Menstruating goddess appeared first on Period!.

Menstrual cramps. Or not..?

4 weeks ago

Your period is a bit late. But just when you begin to wonder if you might be pregnant, the familiar period pain starts. Or doesn’t it? Beware: early pregnancy can feel just like menstrual cramps. (...)

The post Menstrual cramps. Or not..? appeared first on Period!.

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Paula Kragten Paula Kragten 25k - 50k
your independent menstrual magazine


Paula Kragten Paula Kragten 10k - 25k
Your independent #menstrual magazine.

Paula Kragten Paula Kragten 10k - 25k
your independent menstrual magazine

Paula Kragten Paula Kragten 5k - 10k
Period! Your independent menstrual magazine. Check out (English) and www.


Paula Kragten Paula Kragten 0 - 5k
Period! Your independent menstrual magazine. Check out (English) and www.

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