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Peggy Leenders

Peggy Leenders

Your Lifestyle Notebook was founded by Peggy Leenders. Currently I'm living in Breda, the Netherlands.​ I have a passion for everything to do with Business, Fashion, beauty, traveling and lifestyle. My followers are mainly from the US and the Netherlands.





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2 weeks ago

You might already heard about Hands off my Chocolate before! This new Chocolate brand is concurring the market! With flavors like Crispy Cookie & Caramel Seasalt, Seriously Dark and many more, you have enough choice! I received a box with 12!!!! chocolate bars – lucky me! They say it’s to good to share and I have to say, it truly is!   GIVE AWAYAnd if you can’t wait to try them out, visit my Instagram for a Give-Away and win 2 flavors (Crispy Cookie & Caramel Seasalt and Seriously Dark). Now

Estée Lauder Companies - Pink Ribbon Limited Edition Beauty Products

2 weeks ago

What a surprise! I received a big box in the mail yesterday! When I opened the box there was a big bunch of pink roses and 2 limited editions products from Clinique and Origins.I assume you already heard about the Pink Ribbon Icon and the meaning behind this icon. Estée Lauder Companies is celebrating their 25th anniversary of the Breast Cancer Campaign. And to celebrate, they launched 5 limited edition beauty products. When you purchase one of these products a small amount of the price will go

The RITUAL of Ayurveda

2 weeks ago

The reason why I love Rituals is the fact that they get inspired by ancient rituals. I LOVE the story behind the products and the name of this new product line is very beautiful, just like the products. In this blogpost I’m going to show you 3 products from the ‘Ritual of Ayurveda’ – The ancient art of living wisely – product line.Ritual of Ayurveda – The ancient art of living wiselyThe carefully composed The Ritual or Ayurveda collection consists of luxury home and body products that help

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