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Peggy Leenders

Peggy Leenders

Your Lifestyle Notebook was founded by Peggy Leenders. Currently I'm living in Breda, the Netherlands.​ I have a passion for everything to do with Business, Fashion, beauty, traveling and lifestyle. My followers are mainly from the US and the Netherlands.





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2 days ago

Ellen Beekmans: her statement jewelry pieces represent: Feminine, sophisticated, Colorful and orginal. The metals vary from gold and silver to gun metal and bronze. In this blogpost I will show you a few of my favorite items from her new collection AND my new favorite handmade leather sandals. Curious? Read more!Earthreads with open circle / gold or silverPrice: € 29,95Gold plated or silver-plated (lightweight) earthreads with an open circle. Open circle diameter is 2.5cm. The earrings don’t

Estée Lauder - Daywear 24H review

5 days ago

Who wants to have a healthy and hydrated looking skin for a whole day? Everyone right? Estée Lauder has the solution with their new product: Daywear Multi – Protection 24H Moisture crème! I tested this product during one active day with outside and inside sports. In this blog post I show you the products and my experiences! NOTE: You can win this set of products! Read more about this at the end of this blogpost! Let's go!Daywear Multi- Protection Anti - Oxidant 24H - Moisture CremeEstée Lauder

NINTENDO 2DS XL and Miitopia review

1 week ago

If you’re a nineties kid you probably remember those days you where staring at your Nintendo DS for like at least 5 hours a day! Well, at least I do! Nintendo launched a new model this July, which is called the Nintendo 2DS XL. I received the white + orange 2D and the game Miitopia to review! A perfect way to get back to those nostalgic memories and try out this way of gaming again!! You are never too old to play games, right? Let’s start!TIME TO RELAX I always play games when I want to think

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