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LTSB: Where should you stay?

3 days ago


Hello dearies,


Where to stay

After you have found that incredibly cheap ticket to your dream destination, comes the next hurdle. Where should you stay?

In the past weeks I posted some of the accommodations I stayed during my month long trip to Hawaii.


Value for your buck

In the coming posts I will tell you where you can find the best price/value for your next accommodations

Not the cheapest, but somewhere that is affordable on a student budget and gives you value for your money.



I have booked with, or studied the following websites: 

  • Roomer
  • Airbnb
  • Kayak
  • Cancelon


Do you want to see where we stayed at our trip? Check out this post.




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Hale 'Ohu B&B - Big Island, Hawaii

1 week ago


Hey travelbuddy,


137 Islands

I'm writing to you from the beautiful island of Hawaii. Did you know the state of Hawaii exists of 137 islands?! The biggest, and youngest one of them is called Big Island and is bigger than all of the other islands combined. What is in a name right.




Last week

I am sad to say that this is our last week in Hawaii. We are currently staying at The Palms Cliff House Inn, after 5 nights staying at our first ever Airbnb. More about this in my next post!

But before the Airbnb, we were invited to stay the night at a new B&B called Hale 'Ohu, the second B&B we have visited on this island. The first one was Ala Kai B&B, which was also our first accommodation on the Big Island.




Ala Kai B&B

This B&B is completely the opposite of Ala Kai B&B! Where as Ala Kai is more of a traditional B&B with just 3 rooms inside the main house, Hale 'Ohu is the perfect mix between the comfyness, the privacy of an cottage, and the service of an B&B.




Hale 'Ohu B&B

When you walk up to your private entrance you immediately notice that the B&B is very up to date.

Instead of using the traditional key or keycard to open your door, there is a number-pad where you enter your Room-pincode.

All the rooms have been remodelled a couple of months ago.





There is a state of the art rain shower,

the beds are nice and firm, but not too firm, on the big TV you can access your Netflix account and watch movies.

And in the small kitchenette there is a nice breakfast ready for you consisting of home made banana bread and fresh fruit.

The owners try to diversify the breakfast so you don't have more of the same every morning!

This is gives you the feeling that you are more than just a customer. Nicole & Gabrielle think about your every need.




The owners

The B&B was bought by Nicole and Gabrielle in 2016, and opened in 2017 after renovating the B&B. The sisters travelled the world and picked the best bits and pieces form their many different destinations. They wanted to provide a luxurious, comfortable room for you to return to after a day of hiking or sight seeing in the national volcanoes park. The park is so close to the accommodation, it almost feels like it is in the prolonging of the estate. I must say, they have succeeded. This is such a peaceful place, completely in contrast with the volcano, down the road.




20% discount

Do you want to stay at this amazing, modern B&B in the middle of the rainforest, only 5 minutes away from the active volcano in Volcanoes National Park?

If you book 30 days in advance for a minimum stay of 2 nights you get 20% discount!

Or, if you want to read more reviews of previous visitors,  and want to save for an extra 10% on your next stay you can click here.


This post was created in collaboration with Hale 'Ohu B&B 


Want to know more of my travel secrets?


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Check out my YouTube Channel for my Travel Vlog of this B&B.


Ala Kai B&B, Big Island - Hawaii

1 month ago


Aloha fellow travellers!


Big Island

Today we arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is called Big Island because the Island is twice as big as all the 137 Hawaiian islands combined and still growing because of the continuing erupting volcano. Despite this it, is the youngest of the islands.




Our first stop is the Ala Kai B&B on the east side of the island.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the head of public relations a.k.a. Shakespeare the cat.




Ala Kai B&B

Ala Kai is a cosy B&B 25 miles north-east of Volcano national park. The name is Hawaiian for Road by the sea, and that is nothing short from reality. The B&B is located a few steps from the ocean. You can see the waves from the lānai (Hawaiian for open-sided porch).




Mary Roblee

Ala kai B&B is owned and hosted by Mary since 2004. Before she, and her co-founder, started the B&B. When she finished her school she went to Senegal for 2 years to work as a peace corps volunteer. After she travelled the world and lived in Thailand she worked on the Island of Oahu for a bit as an executive manager before moving to the Big Island to open the B&B. Besides begin a host, Mary is also a published author under the pen name of Kate Lindman. What an interesting host!! Be sure to chat with her as you see her walking around during breakfast.




The cosy B&B has a cottage, a room downstairs and two adjoining rooms on the first floor. Every room has a TV and DVD player There is also a common area on the first floor with a water cooler, two book cases that are filled with books of all sorts and kinds, and plenty DVDs for you to take to your room and watch. There is a washer and dryer that you can use free of charge. The Wi-Fi connection is perfect and there is a large pool on the front of the house. The pool is accessible from 8.00 till 22.00, just ask Mary to turn on the lights at the pool. 



Bamboo Room

 The room downstairs (Bamboo Room) has the most amazing bathroom of the entire B&B! The floor is made completely out of pebbles with a walk-in shower.  It also has a private mini fridge, microwave and a adorable pick-nick basket for your liking to use. This is the room we were fortunate enough to stay in.



Aloha & Turtle Room

The first floor rooms are the Aloha room and the turtle room. They share a bathroom. It is possible to rent out both of the rooms so you have a private bathroom. Both rooms have direct access to the Lanai.



The cottage

The cottage is a quite large space with two bedrooms, a living room/kitchen and bathroom with bathtub. It is located at the back of the house. If you are travelling with your family this is the perfect combination of a cottage and an B&B.




Complimentary breakfast is served each day between 08.00 and 08.30 on the lānai and differs per day. Mary wakes up every morning to make it fresh herself. She offers the basics like toast, bagels, fresh fruit, butter, cream cheese and jam. And she also has one item that changed. The first day it was an delicious omelet and the second day it was home made banana-macadamia pancakes! Of course she also offers coffee, thee and a fresh juice. If you want cereal this is also possible, as long as you notify Mary in advance of this. 



To take into consideration

If you are planning to visit the Volcanoes national park and still want an affordable and cosy accommodation where you feel you are taken care of this is the place to be. If you are looking for a beach vacation I recommend going to the west side of the island. On the East side, where this B&B is located, it can rain up to 100 inches a year because of the rainforest climate. The surrounding area is very lush and green and filled with tropical flora and fauna because of this. Also, the B&B is located at the end of a 6 mile road into Paradise park. You absolutely need a car to get here but it is a road worth taking!



Want to stay at Ala Kai and enjoy the lush, green and volcanic environment, click on the link below!







This post was created in collaboration with Ala KAi B&B 


Want to know more of my travel secrets?


Keep an eye out for my next post and subscribe to my newsletter so you will be the first to know.



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