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LTSB: Weflycheap, do we?

1 week ago


Hi guys!


This week I will spill the beans on my second travel secret:


How does it work?

Weflycheap is similar in many ways to Ticketspy.

The site searches the world wide web for deals at different travel agency and airlines.


Why use it?

I must admit, I use Ticketspy way more frequently than Weflycheap.

External Button

So, if I like Ticketspy more, why use Weflycheap at all? I hear you asking..


Your needs.

Simply put, the advantage weflycheap offers is that you can put in exact travel dates, destinations and your travel budget. They show you the best deals fitting to your needs. 

But if you are a flexible student (you can skip first period right?) I would suggest Ticketspy. They show the best deals in my opinion.


Free tickets to Maldives.

At the moment they have a giveaway of 2 tickets to the Maldives. Check it out and maybe you will get lucky! If you do, I wouldn't mind joining you.. ;)

Want to know more of my travel secrets?

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Next week a post about Skyscanner.


This post was not sponsored in any way



LTSB: Ticketspy, is this for real?

2 weeks ago


Hi guys,


How were the holidays for you?

I spend it with my family in Limburg.

Want to see for yourself? Click here!



This week

Today I will review one of my travel secrets: Ticketspy.

Ticketspy is a Dutch website which tracks down all the cheap flights and deals. We found our 2015 road trip vacation in Florida on this website. One of my friends went to Mexico for the second time that year.  I was so jealous...



From Amsterdam to Miami

I asked her how she did it. She forwarded me the site and I could not believe my eyes. We booked the same week! 500 euros for a two way ticket from Amsterdam to Miami! WITH A RENTAL CAR! FOR TWO WEEKS!! Before I saw the site I didn't believe it was possible to travel on a student budget to exotic locations.



Small world

We later found out that two of our friends actually booked the same trip, during the same period, with the same travel company and actually sat two rows behind us in the plane! What a small world..



Opening doors

Since 2015 Ticketspy has opened a lot of doors for us. Because of the low prices we were able to travel a lot more than ever before! In 2015 we went to America for the first time ever! This has always been a dream of mine and to see it become a reality was amazing! In 2016 we went to the Dominican Republic, where we both got hospitalized. But that is a story for another time! And finally, in 2017 we booked a ticket to Hawaii for 350 euros both ways! To allow ourselfs to save up some money we decided to fly in february 2018 (yes.. only 30 days left to go!).



Uhm, is this for real?

So how does this work I hear you ask. Ticketspy searches continually for low airfares and package deals with different travel agencies and airlines. They also look for Error fares, which are fares that are possible due to a human error (like a typo) when uploading the offer to their site.



How does the site work?

When you go to the website the easiest thing to do is to check out their landing page. Here you will find the newest offers.

If you want to search more directly for holiday packages you can check out this link.

If you're however only looking for cheap economy tickets you need to click here.

And if you have a wee bit larger budget you can find the business tickets here.


When you find a deal you love, you click on the picture and then click on the button saying 'bekijk de stoelen' which is Dutch for see the (plane)chairs. You will be redirected directly to the travel agent or airline. Piece of Cake!



Want to know more of my travel secrets?

Keep an eye out for my next post and subscribe to my newsletter so you will be the first to know.


Next week a post about weflycheap.




This post has not been sponsored in any way.



LTSB: Finding Cheap Flights to.. Exotic Places?

4 weeks ago


This week

As promised in my previous post you can expect some valuable tips and tricks to travel in style on a student budget.



Letting the cat out of the bag!

More than once have we left the people in our surrounding marvelling about how the F*ck we manage to travel to luxury Resorts and far exotic islands on our petite student budget.


I have decided to share our secrets with you because I think travelling is one of the most life altering experienced and therefore should be available to everyone open to it.




Fly me to the moon

Flying is my absolute favourite way of travelling, although I have to admit I never travelled by cruise ship (yet). That feeling of absolute freedom, whilst feeling like a canned sardine with those constantly shrinking seats is a big contrast that I happened to love and loathe at the same time.



The secret list

Below I will post a list of different sites that I monitor regularly to find the best fare deals.




I will review all of the sites above in my upcoming posts in the following weeks. Keep an eye out and before you know it you will be on the next flight to Timboektoe.


Want to know more of my travel secrets?

Keep an eye out for my next post and subscribe to my newsletter so you will be the first to know.


For now I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy and sparkeling New Year.


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